Recently I happen to see a video clip of young Technocrat by name Tanmay Bakshi. It was a nice interview where this little wizard spoke a lot about AI and how important it’s going to be in the future days to come by. This made me thought to look more into how Artificial Intelligence is going to help Software Testing or how are we going to test AI. Am not going justify both the questions rather I will be discussing it and leave it to viewers to decide.

 This is a big topic to understand. Let me put it to you all in simple language… Here we go…

Need and Demand Intelligent Systems

The Need and Demand for Intelligent Systems are becoming more essential these days and people want more easy and better easy way of using their devices to make their living more peaceful and easy. Thus the need for evolution of Intelligent Systems came into existence and thus the need for Artificial Intelligence…

 What is Artificial Intelligence? defines it as “Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem solving

o we can say that AI is an intellectual Process of Creating or Developing programs or machines which can perform the human activities like reasoning, speech recognition etc., 

How AI is going to help Software Testing?

Most Software Testers believe or having thoughts that these Smart Machines or Tools is taking over their jobs and but it’s not actually true. These Tools simple help us in improving our productivity in a qualitative manner and also they assist you in lessening your daily day to day work. Software Testers Still has a lot of jobs in there in end right from preparation of execution of these tools, execution of the tool, reviewing reports and providing the correct solutions to the approach to the team.

AI is going to be next big thing in the field of Software Testing and it is going to really change the way we approach an Application or Software. All these years we have been doing one activity of the Software Testing repeatedly and that is Test Execution. We write Test Cases we execute them, A New patch or a fix to our existing Program we execute them and its all Test Execution all the time, Now you can write an algorithm that can operate like a user actually accessing the automation and figuring out with Steps to access within an application you should exercise.

With AI coming into Software Testing the approach of Delivery is going to be like we analyze and execute the application and do the process of continuous learning of the application and its business and keep the development team informed about issues that may occur in the future and ensure that we fix these before that incident occurs that saving the time and cost thereby improving the quality of the delivery and making business work as usual.

Using AI you can Perform Tests based on Business Rules. These Business Rules will have all the Constraints of real-time business making the approach testing more real and more authentic which will result in better and effective outcome. Business rules are intended to assert business structure or control or influence the behavior of the business.

AI in Software Testing has a Preventive approach and not a reactive approach, which will pave way for Proactive and Intelligent Testing.

To Conclude on this very interesting Topic we can say that AI is the future in the field of Technology and it has already taking over our daily walks of life and in this field of Software Testing AI’s contribution is going change the way we deliver. The approach of testing is going to more accurate and more on real business needs.

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