#Process what is it about? Can we say that Process is an orderly way of working or rather a discipline of action in a corrective way. Process should start right from us our mindset should be ready for a change. The Collins Dictionary Defines Process as ” A process is a series of actions which are carried out in order to achieve a particular result.”
#Process brings in perfection which will enable any business of any discipline to work with a series of action to achieve the desired goal. In Software Engineering its combination of activities to achieve the common goal of delivering software products.In Software Testing it is not just a single activity but series of activity combined right from Planning for Testing to Design to Execution of Testing to Reports of Test Closure.
Testing has always insisted of working along with the process. The Process for these can be termed as agile or any other name and the focus is only on Validation of Software wherein it verify that the Technical Requirement and Business Requirement is met, so the name of approaching the process can be anything.
The Importance of the Process is that it is through this we would be able to evaluate the customer satisfaction and reliability and process paves way for this. Process are important as they describe why it is to be done and how it is to be done then it focuses on doing things in a better way and the result or can we say the outcomes determine how successfully we have implemented them. So for a successful quality Delivery of a Software, the process plays a very pivotal role.

The Process that we implement or follow should be such that it is easy,efficient and more importantly repeatable.It should be inline of what business we are doing and more focus should be on customer satisfaction and finally the action of process should ensure that there is growth in business.

Even small changes in approach bring big difference in our business,changes are inevitable and how quick we are ready to accept it we will be able to do better. A step-by-step way of doing things with properly well-written procedures and policy documents and tools supporting it is what makes every process and rather a business guide towards its goal.

Now lets get into action mode and that mode is called Implementation. Yes its here that from papers of policies and procedures will come alive into action which will enable the business to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Implementation is all important of phase where slowly from the planning phase we should start the execution of the plan until it is ready to go live. For the implementation of a process we initially should take up small pilot programs and start executing the defined process within the company where in we should run the system as trial for a finite period of time, this method of trial runs acts as a key component to any implementation process.
 We should also form a group of people within the company to try the new system because they these people are the real users and it be easy for us to understand how effective our process is and also these people would be most keen on picking out snag and the shortcomings of the system to further help the #implementation process.
 On Completion of trial runs we should focus on educating the users about the new system and how to use it before the system eventually is ready to go live. At the end of the implementation when the system is about to go live, companies typically review the entire process and verify that all tasks have been completed.Once all tasks are verified we should be good to go in proceeding with the new defined process.
 An Effective Process is always important as it acts as Collaborative mechanism which helps every company to do its routine jobs efficiently and where every individual is responsible for each step performed towards achieving company goals…