QA Staff Augmentation

Hire QA Testers

When to Hire Software Testers and QA Engineers

  • You’d like to expand your quality assurance team or build it from scratch
  •  You don’t have time to test. We’ll select and implement the best practices for your development and QA team to help you achieve better results
  • Your QA team is temporarily overloaded with work and you don’t want to expand your in-house team
  • You’d like to hire software testers short term for a specific project
  •  You’d like to fully control your project quality and keep your project secure
  •  You’d like to control your overheads, ramp the team up and down when needed, and at the same time have enough resources to implement different types of testing.

Hire Us for Your Project

If you’d like to discuss our capacities and interview our quality assurance engineers to make sure they fit your needs, feel free to contact our Head of QA Department.

Know About our Head of QA Department
  • Proficient in quality assurance process and methodologies
  • Proficient in project management
  • Familiar with the most efficient testing tools
  • Understands manual and automated quality assurance techniques and best practices
  • Skilled in developing test goals and strategies
  • Workflow management
  • Interaction with customers, when necessary
  • Responsible for staff supervision
  • Projects budgeting and scheduling
  • Reporting on project status
  • Tasks assignment
  • Team building
  • Staff training
Know About Our QA Team Leads
  • Has a strong project vision and possesses excellent interpersonal skills to fully understand and meet customer’s requirements for application quality
  •  Familiar with testing tools and bug tracking tools
  •  Expert in a range of technical skills: programming languages, database technologies, OS
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills
  •  Proficient in UI/UX design standards
  • Assistance in workflow management
  • Coordination and control of work related to project quality assurance
  • Customer support on all issues related to project testing
  •  Preparation of reports on project testing
  • Control of project quality assurance process and settles issues
  • Responsible for quality assurance projects implementation
  • QA testers education
  • Implementation of test-process improvements
Know About Our QA Testers
  • Proficient in software quality assurance techniques
  • Familiar with quality assurance methodologies
  • Has good understanding of UI/UX design
  • Proficient in working with testing tools
  • Understands quality testing techniques and tools
  • Experienced with bug tracking systems and bug reporting
  • Design and development of test scenarios
  • Setting criteria for testing, analyzes results and submits them to development team
  • Preparation of test documentation
  • Recommendation on process improvement, application of types of testing, methods, and approaches both for a specific testing project and in general
  • Constant improvement of skills
  • Communication with customers, as needed
  • Responsible for the quality of application testing