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If your application handles payment or other secure information, Xcellencer security testing experts can help you achieve the peace of mind you want.

Xcellencer Travel Industry Solution

Despite economy woes, the travel and leisure industry is picking up. The challenges remain the same, but for different reasons. There is a lot of competition out there, and customers are looking for enhanced solutions that are speedy, intuitive, accurate, affordable and secure. Applications in this industry are under stress 24/7 due to their inherent global nature, and most require some of kind security for handling payments, or even just private user information.

For applications in this industry, security and performance are keys to their success. The social media explosion can turn even minor missteps into global catastrophes. While it’s true that memories are often short, the time period that a company takes a hit can spell millions in lost revenues. Downtime can’t be tolerated, and security must be locked down tight.

Our Experiences

  • Hotel booking site/apps
  • Car reservation site/apps
  • Cruise booking sites/apps
  • Flight booking site/apps
  • Travel agency site/apps
  • Hotel chain sites/apps
  • Travel guide sites/apps