Our Agile Practices

Agile Testing

With agile methodology, development and testing go hand in hand as the testing phase becomes an integral part of the software development process. Shorter sprint cycles and deeper customer involvement in agile testing ensure durability, reliability, and stability while maintaining faster delivery.

It calls for credible quality checks with minimal risks and quicker speed-to-market. That is exactly where Xcellencer’s agile testing services come into play. As Xcellencer works as an extension of your development team, we help you offer bug-free user experience to your customers.

Our testing team collaborates with the developers to gauge the complexities and lower the costs even while maintaining consistent quality. Most IT companies are recognizing the need to upgrade their agile methodology in light of changing customer needs and deeper customer interactions.

Agile testing services to take your business forward

Xcellencer offers a unique blend of software testing services coupled with hands-on experience in many domains. Our agile testing solutions are customized according to the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Some of our many agile testing services include:

Reusable test assets and repositories

Our experts work on reusable test assets using common test assets so you can refer to the repository project for future use.

Agile test planning

We start the process by identifying the related product risks and then plan iterations for the tests. Agile is all about sprint planning, and we, at Xcellencer use the most advanced and effective agile estimation techniques like planning poker, bucket system, and dot voting to always stay ahead

Functional Agile testing

With functional agile testing, our brilliant testing team tests the interface in between the application on one side, and the users and rest of the system on the other side

Non-functional Agile testing

As part of our non-functional agile testing procedure, we monitor all the non-functional attributes after every iteration.

Peek into the Agile Process at Xcellencer

Our Agile process helps your business achieve your set goals through optimum performance in the shortest possible time. Our agile process include:

Identifying risks

Our experienced testing team has the ability to identify risks and bottlenecks in your product and determine the right optimal action.

Fine-tuning test environments

We create ideal test environments and continuously fine tune them to make sure all the related test cases can be executed in them.

Getting an early head start

By streamlining the delivery and starting the testing sooner, we are able to deliver faster results without compromising on quality.

Encouraging cohesive team bonding

Our vision entails building a strong team that thrives on working with client teams and creating a collaborative culture.

We follow better Agile Testing Practices
Agile Testing Practices

What makes Xcellencer better

Our agile testing services can make an impact at all levels of your organisation because of many reasons, including:

● We approach the agile SDLC with focus on identifying the gaps, recommending the best agile model and providing the right implementation support
● We create a well-supported collaboration across the development teams which is possible with the use of the right testing tools
● We also assist in creating a relevant agile blueprint that can faster process delivery and mitigate the risks without hampering the outcome

Our agile testing services are developed to improve testing without disrupting your core process. We deliver better performance and improved efficiency, with high-quality standards.